Maritime Law

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Maritime law covers all legal aspects of transport by water in the broadest sense. Maritime law is an area of law unto itself. The applicable legislation and regulation deviates from the standard in the Civil Code and is largely based on international treaties.

For instance the arrest of a seagoing vessel is a practical and effective measure to effect payment of a maritime claim. Triple A Attorneys can assist in seizing the vessel in the territorial waters of one of our islands on short notice.

Triple A Attorneys has the expertise that is essential for adequate advice in this area, and is able to assist you in all sort of issues in maritime law. Our firms assist all sorts of maritime related businesses, including banks (mortgagees), ship-owners and operators, charterers, terminal operators and shipping agents.

For all questions about maritime matters, such as the seizure of a vessel (or lifting the arrest) and the judicial sale of a ship, please contact Triple A Attorneys of Law.