Our Fees


Depending on the nature and the scope of the specific case, there are different remuneration methods parties can agree upon. These may consist of the following options.

  • Payments by the hour
    The usual way of handling payments: the client transfers a certain amount in advance which will be set off with the time actually spent on the basis of the applicable hourly fee.
  • One-Time Payment of a Fixed Amount
    Prior to the work, the client pays a one-time fixed amount which covers all expenses. The advantage here for the client is that there is no uncertainty concerning the ultimate invoice.
  • Payment depending on the Achieved Result
    A possibility is that the payment depends completely on the achieved result. If the desired result is not attained, no payment whatsoever will be made to Triple A Attorneys. However, if the desired result has been achieved, a fee will be applied which will be somewhat higher than the usual applicable hourly fee.
  • Combination (of the above options)
    Possible is a combination of the options mentioned above, in which an agreed fee is applicable if a satisfactory result is achieved and a somewhat lower fee should this not be the case.