Mediation Curacao

Mediation Curacao

Are you looking for a mediator at Curacao? Look no further: Triple A Attorneys assists in conflict mediation in Curacao. Mediation can be used in divorce situations and several other legal areas and mediation has proven to be effective in different kind of conflicts in different areas.

Mediation creates the opportunity for parties involved to put an end to conflicts while negotiating, instead of having the conflict settled in the Curacao court. Big advantages of mediation are that it is relatively inexpensive, compared to judicial proceedings, it offers a durable settlement of the dispute instead of a possible escalating tension, the relation between parties is usually less strenuous than in the often exhaustive drawn out judicial proceedings, and it can be remedial in every type of conflict.

Looking for Mediation Curacao?

You can visit us at our law firm in Curacao for a first consult with an mediator for mediation on Curacao, or you can contact us via email of phone, our mediators will be happy to inform you about the aspects of mediation. For contact details of your mediator in Curacao, please click here

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Aside from litigation and advice, we also do other specialized legal assistance. For more information about our other areas of justice than mediation in Curacao, please look at ‘expertise’ on our website.


Mediation Curacao on Triple A Level!

All our mediators at Triple A Attorneys are entitled to practice law not only in Curacao, but within the entire Dutch Caribbean territory, which in alphabetical order, consist of the islands Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Maarten (all formerly known as the Netherlands Antilles). Triple A Attorneys offers its services to companies, government entities as well as to individuals in the local and international arenas.


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