Company Dissolved Curacao

The Curacao Commercial Register has dissolved my company

On a yearly basis, the Curacao Chamber of Commerce announces proposals to dissolve companies that do not comply (f.i. unpaid registration fees, no registered director etc.), stating the reason(s) for winding up the entity per company. A list of companies to be dissolved is publicized in the (digital) National Gazette and a local Curacao newspaper, and if the mentioned circumstances still apply six weeks after the announcement, the Curacao Chamber of Commerce will dissolve the legal entity. We help with your ‘Company Dissolved Curacao’ issue.

My dissolved Curacao company had assets. What now?

In case a Curacao company is dissolved by the Curacao Chamber of Commerce officially, it is usually liquidated immediately, because the liquidator did not have any knowledge of any assets in the Curacao company that was dissolved. However, sometimes a Curacao company did have assets (f.i. shares or real estate, see also What to do?

Can my company be revived?

Unfortunately not: your dissolved company cannot be revived, as Curacao law does not support this. The only solution to transfer any assets that were left behind in the dissolved company out of it, is to file a petition to the Curacao court with the request to reopen the liquidation process and appoint a new liquidator of your choice. Thereafter, the newly appointed liquidator will cash out all of the assets of the dissolved company and settle any claims against the company, before putting the company into dissolution (again).

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